Kearifan lokal

Art Direction

A great example about art direction with an photographic style providing a modern and contemporary approach to the traditional Indonesian food.

One of the main quests to solve here is how to visually elevate a traditional catering company to another level where it can reach new audience without losing it’s authenticity. We experimented and play around with food ingredients to create a typographical design to communicate the value of Benih.

— Design by Studio27

 What counts

Benih core value which is authenticity, process, and taste, were a powerful statement implemented to an experimental design. We were assigned to create it’s logo, company book, and promotional concept, and did genuinely enjoy this work from the beginning.

As organic as it can be

The main idea behind this new branding strategy is to be as organic as it can be. Without the need to fabricate excessive photo editing, keeping it as original as the design can be by utilizing related products, we strive for the visual to look fresh as it can be. It should deliver a hint of freshness and originality.

Going back to the root

We didn’t try to create an aesthetically pretty looking design but instead the whole process took us to the root of traditional cooking. It’s genuinety. it’s sense of tradition, it’s smell, our ideas is how to create a temporary form of traditional cooking that might catch the audience attention

Meticulous process.


Design by
Studio27 / Fadrian Goeltom


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