Indonesia Corruption Watch

Client: Indonesia Corruption Watch
Date: July 14, 2017
Services: Website Design, UX

01. Microsite Development

We were commissioned by ICW to develop a microsite for their infographic approach of delivering visualized and well-designed datas to provide comprehensive informations for their users.

The microsite is divided into particular segments from several industries which yield and hope to raise awareness to their users of the potential corruption cases that might have happened or are currently happening inside a specific subject.


In short, mean the activities ICW conducted is provided to their users in a beautiful visualization. The effervescent topic such as coal & mining corruption, environmental corruption cases, etc. insure the engagement rates of users to consistently increase.

03. Responsiveness

The site is accessible through all exisiting devices and can be accessed with ease. This was a very tricky task because a lot of details need to be checked from screen resolutions to screen resolutions, from device to device, to ensure the quality of the site satisfy users requirement.

04. Design & Craft

We created each designs rather craftily to create a good story-telling concept of the infographic itself. We made sure that the hierarchy and flow of information is properly provided through each pages in the site.

Awesome Branding

ICW always has an appetite for good taste of branding and it wasn’t any different in this case. The minimalist, modern, yet vibrant site has received positive reviews from users and media alike.

Actual Topic

The topic of potential corruption cases is always mouthwatering to say the least. Each of it, from coal, environmental, etc, is refreshingly served for the users.

05. Development Length

The development of the site took only a short amount of time of 2 weeks and the result delievered is what we imagine it to be. 

Client: Indonesia Corruption Watch
Date: July 14, 2017
Services: Website Design, UX
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