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Established in Dec 2003, Arsenal Indonesia Supporter has seen such astonishing growth.


The community started out with only 3 friends going out on a saturday night.

Now they have grown to 20.000 active members all across Indonesia. With routine programmes such as regular Premiere League matchday gathering, and non-routine programmes such as their Annual Gathering. The need for a good design that promotes the brand and deliver the right message to Arsenal supporters across Indonesia continued to increase.

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Client: AIS
Date: June 3, 2015
Services: Design, Art Direction


We were commissioned to do their Annual Membership package design which contain of T-Shirt, Scarf, Member cards.

It was more of a passion-project rather than something that add significance to the company’s balance. It is quite a daunting task as we went to several revisions to get the right and best possible design.

The idea is to create an indonesian ‘feel’ while still maintaining its root icons of canons, and the players themselves being illustrated in an energetic, spirited way.


We wanted to be able to visually represent the energy of the community. The never ending hope. The gleaming rampant noises of chant.

We want it to be felt across all of the kit that we were designing. We want it to resonate throughout.

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