Permata Bank

Microsite Development and Logo Design

The World Cup fever thats held every once in 4 years seem to not get slipped by companies alike to utilize the event and gain brand awareness and further engagement for their selected Audience. We were comissioned by Permata Bank to develop their microsite idea.

Client: Permata Bank
Date: May 8, 2014
Services: Website Design, UX


We started with the idea that it should be a trivial activity that could create the necessary intrigue from our audience.

We started by incorporating the companies color, which happened to be a combination of vibrant colors. And develop the page flow, all the features necessary to be provided, and focusing on ease-of-access that will help audience alike comprehend how the site function and its purpose.


We created a building block based on the understanding that in the end this microsite should be enough to create an effervescent platform that people across all ages and demographics can use.

So a FAMILY theme was created. It was a trivia quizzezz ranging from different categories of related World-Cup topic where people will get scores based on speed and correct answers. Users will get the rank to which the top ranks by the end of the competition will win a worthy prize. So the Trivia Fiesta begun and we manage to have more than 15,000 user acquisition in a space of a month period without much needed and substantial spending of promotional budget.



It was a bit of a challenge to generate a simplistic user experience whilst trying to create a festive themed outlook of any product.

But our creative strategy manage to mitigate any potential risk of puzzling visitors and ending up driving them away from the site, and not further deep down the pages.

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